Fresh Insights for Managing your Human Resources


Melanie Kennedy, CEO Southwest Financial FCU


Working with Susan is great!  She is not only knowledgeable but also forward thinking. I have worked with Susan on multiple occasions. She has guided our Leadership Team from every man for himself to a cohesive team. In addition, I have contacted her numerous times for employee issues and incidents that I just needed some guidance or best practice advice.


Jonathan Matthews, CEO Southland FCU

I have known Susan Looney since 1993 and have relied on Susan over the years to help me with HR services. Susan was very instrumental is setting up our employee handbook, establishing pay scale and pay ranges for all our staff and for putting into place our personnel policy. I would recommend Susan for anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable person when dealing with any HR issue. I have called upon Susan over the years when I’ve had various employee issues and Susan has always been a great resource in assisting me.

Allen Brown, CEO Mil-Way FCU

As most credit unions do… we started out small with less than five employees. As the years rocked on, we continued to grow; hiring additional employees along the way. What seemed like a ‘blink of an eye’, we had surpassed forty employees and fortunately realized we needed help… fast! 

Luckily, we were directed to Susan Looney. She not only helped us wrap our minds around the complexities of the field of human resource; she helped design training programs, employee engagement programs and coaching strategies suitable to our present size keeping future growth goals in the mix.  She one-handedly created a workable HR department for us in a matter of weeks! Needless to say we were/are extremely grateful!!!

Susan is well-versed in all aspects of the human resource industry. She knows the hiring laws, regulations, practices and trends. She can help design an HR Department with all of the tools needed to stay compliant and remain true to the regulations governing the world of staffing. Her HR knowledge is unsurpassed. 

One of her many talents is her ability to assess an organization, identify the needs and quickly devise an immediacy step-plan approach to solve issues and create a workable path going forward. Working with an organization in designing a comprehensive HR department is her passion. Whether it is answering one question about an employee hiring decision versus designing an extensive employee evaluation program for a 500-employee company, Susan can see you through it all.