Fresh Insights for Managing your Human Resources


Human Resources Audits


Are you a leader and not sure your HR area is compliant or effective? Are you in human resources and so overwhelmed with all you have to keep up with?  

A Human Resources Audit will assist you in determining if the human resources functions in your company are compliant, fair, consistent, and effective. Insight HR Strategies reviews a sampling of your policies and procedures, employee files, forms, salary programs, and other HR areas and provides a written summary of the audit and provides recommendations on those areas that may need to be changed or improved.

Workplace Investigations


Are you having internal complaints about a manager, a co-worker who may be harassing others, or do you suspect an employee of sabotaging a work project?

Insight HR Strategies can conduct a non-partial thorough investigation.  With experience and proven techniques, our experts can get to the truth and provide you with recommendations for further action.

HR Compliance


Do you have questions on whether you are calculating overtime correctly, or if your documentation on your employee's recent medical leave is sufficient? 

Insight HR Strategies can help you understand what you will need to be compliant. A simple email or phone call can help answer your questions.

Employee Relations Support


Not sure how to handle an employee that ignores direction or refuses to do a required task?

Insight HR Strategies has experts who can walk you though how to handle challenging employees or situations. 

Management and Leadership Training


Do you have a new or experienced manager?  

We have customized training programs for all levels of management. We offer topics critical to developing effective management skills such as performance management, motivation, interpersonal and communication skills. Our training sessions are interactive programs that enhance learning through real life situation analysis.

Compensation Strategies


Do you have a compensation philosophy and plan? Is your compensation program competetive, fair, effective, flexible and affordable? 

Insight HR Stratgies can assist your organization in developing a compensation strategy that is right for you. We help with programs designed to help attract and maintain the best employees.

Performance Management Programs


Having a hard time getting employees to perform at their best?

Performance management is more than just a once a year performance appraisal. It starts before an employee is hired, and is a weekly activity. Let us help you set up a customized program that sets clear expectations and goals, monitors and provides feedback, and offers continuous coaching.  

HR Policy Manuals and Employee Handbooks


When is the last time you updated your employee handbook? Do you really understand what is in your HR Policy Manual?

Insight HR Strategies can assist you in updating your manual, not only for compliance, but for best practices and for what fits your culture. We can update and develop a new manual, help you to understand what you have in your polices, and even how to implement them.

We offer a wide variety of HR services and packages that be customized to your needs. 

Send us a message today, and we can start you on a path to success. 

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